Celestial Crystal Flip Clips

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  • Celestial Flip Clips

Celestial (Iridescent) Crystal Flip Clips are made to quickly and securely attach to pretty much any pair of flip flops, instantly transforming your beloved casual sandals into shoes that can go where no unadorned flip flop has dared go before.

Wear them like you’d wear any flip flop–running errands, out to lunch, or at the pool…but the combination of dreamy colors and mesmerizing sparkle endows your classic flip flops with a bit more style credibility, which makes them ideal for wear at more fancy settings. (These also come in classic Black & White as our Novaburst (Clear) Crystal Flip Clips, if you’re in the mood for something more neutral.)

So go ahead–wear your flip flops to a date night or casual Friday at the office or a summer wedding–you may even find the bride and her bridesmaids wearing them under their dresses at a beach wedding. They are also a stylish way to change out of out of your high heels and still dance the night away at a reception. (These make fantastic gifts if you’re in the mood to share the sparkle with a friend who loves wearing flip flops!)