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  • Novaburst Flip Clips

Put a little pep and sparkle in your step! Joy DeVieve shoe clips can be worn on almost any shoe and they are dazzling in action. We’re pretty picky about shimmer and shine, so we devoted a considerable amount of time to sourcing what we feel are some of the most eye catching sparkles and sequins. With supplies in hand, we then experimented with color and design to bring you stand-out ways to add variety to your shoe wardrobe. The result? We have a clip that will work for your shoe style of choice, whether you prefer wearing flip flops, boots, heels or flats.

p.s. We know people say staring is rude, but take our word for it–you’re going to have to cut the folks around you some slack when you’re wearing these–our field tests have demonstrated time and time again that people will definitely stare at your shoes when you’re out and about in these shoe clips. (We know; we know–it’s tough to be the one who gets noticed all the time.) So, fair warning, if you want to blend in, these might not be your ideal accessory. And, if it makes the extra attention any easier to bear, our field tests have also demonstrated that the stares are often followed up with compliments and statements of admiration–so that helps!