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There is one thing that never changes about business: Customers are the heartbeat of a company. Without customers, a business can’t thrive!

As a business owner, you’re well aware of the time and effort that goes into building the foundation of a successful venture. And if your venture involves customers, you’re also aware that listening to your clients, learning from their feedback and treating them with empathy and respect is crucial to converting curious shoppers into loyal customers.

As you do this, you’ll eventually reach a tipping point where your time spent interacting with customers outpaces the time you can devote to other methods of growing your company. As a result, you may have trouble finding enough hours each day to devote to customer support, growing your business and meeting the demands of balancing your work and personal life.

This is where we come in. We are self-starters, experienced in our own entrepreneurial ventures and well aware of the unique challenges of providing prompt, respectful customer service for a growing enterprise.

And because we understand that you’re still growing, we’re flexible. We can work with you in small increments to give you back the time you need, even for short periods of time.

If you need as little as two hours of customer support per week, we can help with that.

Need more support hours? We can do that too!

We’re able to quickly learn your systems and policies and can seamlessly pick up and treat your customers with the same tone of care and appreciation that you provide.

And as we do so, we’ll make sure you still know exactly what’s going on with your customers. We keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening, alerting you to developing trends or concerns, so you never lose touch.

We’re ready to help.
Ready to get started? Email us for our rate sheet at jdvhelp AT gmail DOT com

Aisha Ford & Aya Ford
Customer Support Professionals and founders of Joy DeVieve

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